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Every week, we seek to teach, inspire, and uplift you through our sermon message. Our church leaders are passionate about studying the Bible and inspiring others to live in the way of Christ. While we worship God as a community, we learn how to apply biblical truths to our every-day lives through the weekly message.

If you’re looking for some support in understanding scripture or need encouragement in your walk with Jesus, check out our Message Archives. Our pastor has shared messages of hope and healing in times of grief, messages of support for those fighting battles, and messages of purpose for all of us aspiring to live like Jesus.

Pastor Josh explains the distinct roles of the three persons of the Trinity through the aspects assigned to each of them in Paul's writings.
Pastor Josh explains why we were created, in light of our understanding of the Trinity.
Pastor Josh dives into the doctrine of the trinity and the three persons who are God, Elohim.
Pastor Josh shares the simple solution to solve any problem.
Pastor Josh explains the weight of taking a vow.
Pastor Josh shares the secret to truly living.
Pastor Josh contrasts the triumphal entries of historical leaders with the gentle and lowly entry of Christ; the humble entrance of a Savior indicative of the heart of Jesus.
The church shares in a special ordination and commissioning ceremony as we celebrate the work of the Lord in the lives of RC and Bri Brunstetter.
Pastor Josh shares the significance of the women shared in Biblical genealogies and the Scriptural areas of equality and differences in roles.
Pastor Josh shares the love story of Christ and the church as we examine the praises in Psalm 45.
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