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Every week, we seek to teach, inspire, and uplift you through our sermon message. Our church leaders are passionate about studying the Bible and inspiring others to live in the way of Christ. While we worship God as a community, we learn how to apply biblical truths to our every-day lives through the weekly message.

If you’re looking for some support in understanding scripture or need encouragement in your walk with Jesus, check out our Message Archives. Our pastor has shared messages of hope and healing in times of grief, messages of support for those fighting battles, and messages of purpose for all of us aspiring to live like Jesus.

Pastor Josh shares the story of Christ's birth from a heavenly perspective, as told in the book of John.
Pastor Josh explains the spiritual significance of the Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen".
The church shares in our annual "White Christmas", a missions-minded service, with a special challenge from Rev. Steven Jobert.
Pastor Josh shares the blessings of being within the presence of God according to Balaam's three prophecies.
Pastor Josh explains the dangers of the modern response to sin and truth.
Pastor Josh outlines the spiritual battle waging within you every moment of every day.
Green Meadows shares a Thanksgiving Praise Service. Pastor Josh leads as we give thanks to the Lord. He shares Balaam's prophecy in Numbers 23 as a reminder of the security…
Pastor Josh examines Paul's testimony as a sinner saved.
Pastor Josh explains the fulfillment of Balaam's prophecy in the immediate time period, the near-future history, and the future to come.
Pastor Josh continues to examine the relationship between the law and sin and explains the idea of the "age of accountability".